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W020160921632497840874.jpg China sets up council to promote investments with India

China has permitted setting up of a new trade body to promote and coordinate Chinese investments and businesses with India, a first such official i...

  • Competitive Industries

    Detailed information about the six major industries of Hunan: Manufacturing industry, Agricultural and Agrifoods industry, Emerging Industry, culture creativity industry, electronic information ind...

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  • Why Hunan

    Hunan boasts an advantaged geographical location and a modern transportation network is initially formed. Hunan processes strong industrial bases, such as engineering machinery, equipment manufactu...

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  • Projects For Investment

    Publish key investment projects in Hunan, including energy, agriculture, industry , and property rights transfer, etc.

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  • How to Invest in Hunan

    Information and charts about the procedures and related laws and regulations on how to set up businesses in Hunan.

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  • Support & Services

    Here will introduce government institutions, trade unions, industrial associations and other social organizations which offer service and support for enterprises investing in Hunan.

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  • Industrial Parks of Hunan

    Here will introduce 13 national-level industrial parks in Hunan, including founding time, geographical locations and other basic information.

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